CoolSculpting and TruSculpt: How Is CoolSculpting Better?

CoolSculpting and TruSculpt: How Is CoolSculpting Better?

Here are two primary options for non-invasive fat removal procedures: CoolSculpting and TruSculpt. This guide will explain how CoolSculpting is better.

It used to be that liposuction was the only way to get rid of unwanted fat. With liposuction, comes months of recovery time. It’s a truly invasive procedure that causes tremendous bruising, swelling, and other side effects.

How about an option that’s non-invasive, doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia, and can kill countless fat cells? That’s where CoolSculpting comes in.


CoolSculpting uses a process known as cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells and kill them off. It targets and treats problem areas of the body. Then, through natural lymphatic drainage of the body, the fat cells are eliminated.

During the treatment, our Registered Nurse (RN) applies a vacuum applicator to your problem areas and once the treatment begins, the fat cells are frozen to -11 degrees Celsius to induce fat cell death. Your skin goes numb after the first 10 minutes of the treatment so you don’t feel much until the very end of the treatment.

Patients typically report a bit of discomfort in the first ten minutes or so of treatment. After that, however, the skin starts to feel numb and the discomfort dissipates.

CoolSculpting vs.TruSculpt

Tried and True

CoolSculpting has been around for 12 years and it’s tried and true method has proven results. In 2008, Dieter Manstein from Massachusetts General Hospital and Rox Anderson from Harvard Medical School invented the treatment.

Since then, there have been millions of treatments performed around the world and it is one of the most popular non-surgical fat reduction methods in the US.

Large Quantities

While it’s also true that both treatments are ideal for people who are fairly close to their ideal weight, CoolSculpting can work well for people with larger problem areas. Due to the suction device, it can target more fat cells than TruSculpt with just one treatment.

Different Discomfort

During a TruSculpt treatment, you feel the heat of the radiofrequency during the entire treatment, meaning your skin feels hot the entire time. Meanwhile, with CoolSculpting, after approximately ten minutes, the area goes numb, and you dont feel anything until the very end of the treatment.
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A Whole New Body for You

Here at Hamilton Aesthetics, we can help you target any problem area, including the abdomen, flank, bra area, arms, thighs, and chin. We’re dedicated to your body sculpting journey and look forward to helping you get your best body, yet!

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