Everything You Need to Know about truSculpt

Everything You Need to Know about truSculpt

Your Burning Questions Answered: Everything You Need to Know about truSculpt

truSculpt is a new body contouring technique that uses heat to melt fat cells and you can use it on your entire body. Learn more about body contouring here.

In 2016, Americans underwent over $7 million on cosmetic procedures. Most of them were minimally invasive, with an average cost of just under $400.

Non-surgical procedures, like truSculpt, have accounted for 42% of procedures in recent years.

Botox and other injectibles have also become relatively popular in recent years.

With technology advancing, it’s no wonder people are ditching liposuction and other risky procedures to make small bodily improvements. TruSculpt represents the latest in technological advancements that can help people achieve their dream body without risk.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most frequently asked questions about truSculpt 3D and truSculp iD. We’ll help you discover if it’s the right procedure for you.

Who Can Have the TruSculpt 3D or iD Procedure?

The truSculpt procedure is meant for people who have problem areas. If, for instance, you tend to gain weight in your lower abdomen or upper arms, and exercise has not tightened the area, truSculpt may be for you.

TruSculpt helps men and women achieve their dream bodies by delivering the finishing touches. Think of it as the final brush strokes or the final bit of shaping when creating a sculpture.

Because truSculpt iD and 3D are only meant for specific problem areas, it doesn’t treat obesity. It cannot melt off large quantities of fat, and is, instead, meant for people who only have a small portion left to lose or areas they wish to tone.

Individuals who want to melt off a bit more fat may have a traditional liposuction procedure, which also helps sculpt the body.

However, those who are obese will need to take more drastic measures than plastic surgery. Neither surgery will treat individuals who are drastically overweight. Instead, you can work with a medical doctor to discuss weight loss surgery in addition to maintaining a healthy diet and exercising.

How Does the Procedure Work?

During the sessions, the doctor will move the truSculpt module (3D) over the area or use the new hands free panels (iD). It is expected that one session may destroy up to 34% of the fat, or subcutaneous adipose tissue, in the area permanently. This is done through monopolar RF energy and is completed without damage to the skin or other tissue surrounding the fat.

TruSculpt moves through the entire layer of fat cells, from the skin to the muscle. It works to permanently destroy fat cells. Once they’ve been destroyed, the body will naturally rid itself of them, the way it does when you lose weight.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

During the procedure, you’ll sit or lie down in a treatment room. Once the area is prepped then panels are placed over the area of concern. The practitioner will also place a grounding pad on your back to ensure that they maintain electrical contact.

Some people feel no pain at all, and say it’s like putting a heating pad or hot stones on the area. If there is any discomfort, it will stop immediately once the procedure is over.

A typical truSculpt iD treatment lasts 15 minutes for an area.

The practitioner may treat several areas at once, or you may have one area done at a time.

Are There Side Effects of the Procedure?

Most people don’t experience side effects besides a reddening of the skin. But, there are a few that some people do experience, and you shouldn’t necessarily be alarmed.

Some people feel a lump in the area treated. If a lump develops, it will resolve. You may gently massage them to speed up the process. Some individuals might also experience some swelling and tenderness in the area, which will last for about a day after the procedure.

Your doctor will go over any other side effects you might experience or tell you about how their patients reacted to the procedure.

RF technology that truSculpt uses is very safe and can be used on all skin types.

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

It depends on whether 3D or iD is being utilized as to how long your treatment will last. This is determined by the areas that you want treated. As mentioned above, when using truSculp iD, an entire abdomen can be treated in as little as 15 minutes.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The targeted fat will be destroyed immediately but your final result will take up to 12 weeks. One treatment may remove an average of 24% fat. Most individuals only undergo one treatment, but you can speak to your practitioner about whether multiple treatments are necessary.

Is the Fat Loss Permanent?

Yes, the fat cells that have been treated with truSculpt iD or 3D are destroyed forever and will not return. But, as with any other procedure, it doesn’t mean that you cannot gain the weight in the area back if you do not continue your fitness routine or keep your weight in check.

The new year is a great time to get your body into it’s best shape, as truSculp iD or 3D will provide great sculpting.

Is It FDA Approved?

Yes, truSculpt 3D and iD are FDA cleared for use. This means it has been deemed safe for use amongst those who have been certified to use the technology.

Can My Practitioner Botch the Procedure?

One great thing about truSculpt is that it is very safe and it is difficult to create issues. The device is very user-friendly, and as long as the technician or practitioner has been trained, you’ll have favorable results.

What Makes TruSculpt Different Than Similar Procedures?

There are similar procedures out there that also destroy subcutaneous adipose tissue. What makes truSculpt different is that it can be used on all areas of the body. Other similar technologies can only be used on certain parts of the body, and therefore may not be as effective.

TruSculpt is unique in that if you’re satisfied with the way it has turned out on one section of your body, you can use it on another. From thighs to your chin, to your abdomen to your upper arms, it’s all safe for use.

Unlike liposuction, it isn’t invasive. This means that all of the fat reduction is done on the surface of your skin, melting away the tissue without having to make insertions and physically pulling the fat away. This makes it ideal for individuals who are afraid of needles or who don’t like the idea of liposuction.

It also has a much quicker recovery time than liposuction, as it is non-invasive. There is NO downtime with truSculpt. You are able to return to your normal activities immediately. The recovery time for liposuction can be weeks.

Lastly, truSculpt is more affordable than many other comparable procedures. Of course, if you have it all over your body it can run up a higher bill. But generally, having truSculpt 3D or iD done on just one area of your body is more affordable than having liposuction on the same area.

It’s also permanent, as mentioned above, so you won’t necessarily have to come back for repeat procedures.

Interested in TruSculpt 3D?

If you’re seriously considering having truSculpt iD or 3D done, why not look into it further to see if it’s for you? You can have a consultation done at our office to discuss your options, and if truSculpt is the right procedure to help you get rid of your stubborn fat and transform your body into one you’ve always dreamed of.

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