To Botox or Not? What To Expect After a First Time Botox Treatment

To Botox or Not? What To Expect After a First Time Botox Treatment

If you’ve been considering botox for quite some time, but can’t make up your mind, here’s what to expect after a first time botox treatment!

7.23 million people opted for a Botox treatment in 2017, up 2% from the year before. While Botox may have been frowned upon (see what we did there?) in the past, it’s now become a go-to treatment in lieu of the elusive fountain of youth.

If you want to look fresh-faced and fabulous for years to come, then Botox may be just the thing for you. But what happens after you leave your clinician’s office, and what should you expect from a first time botox? Keep reading to find out.

Your Skin Might Look the Same (At First)

As soon as you’ve had your very first Botox injections, you might be panicking that nothing looks different. Don’t worry – that’s totally normal. The first time botox is injected, it takes time to act.

In fact, it’s possible that it may take 2-8 days to start seeing a difference. But two weeks after your appointment, you’ll see the full effects of your Botox treatment. Of course, timings vary between individuals.

It (Very Likely) Won’t Hurt

You may be wondering, does Botox hurt? The answer is, most probably not. Botox needles are small, extremely small. They’re so small, in fact, that most Botox aficionados feel no pain when they’re injected at our clinic.

Of course, a skilled and experienced practitioner is a must, as we’ll know exactly where to inject, using just the right technique. If you are one of the few individuals who has some Botox discomfort, though, it really should be minimal.

You May Get Some Redness, Bruising or Swelling or Even a Headache

Immediately after your treatment, you may notice small red bumps. These will resolve in 20-30 minutes. Bruising is always a possibility. If you bruise, this will be very minimal and should resolve after a couple of days. You can reduce your risk of bruising by avoiding ibuprofen, aspirin and any over the counter supplement not prescribed by a doctor before your treatment.

There is a small chance that you may develop a Headache after your Botox treatment. If this happens, you may take Tylenol as directed. This is rare but temporary.

You Shouldn’t Touch or Massage Your Face

Even if you have a headache, don’t touch or massage your face at the treatment site. Botox is an expertly-injected protein, and massaging it can cause manipulation of the protein and spread into unwanted areas.

Always wait 4 hours after your treatment to resume exercising or massaging or manipulating the areas that were treated.

And You Shouldn’t Take Asprin

If you have a headache or experience swelling at the injection site, you’ll have to avoid taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medication. Anti-inflammatories cause your blood to thin and could worsen any bruising you might have.

Give Yourself a Break from Your Workout

For 4 hours, you’ll need to lay off the exercise. Strenuous movement may run the risk of causing the Botox to shift out of the position your practitioner has carefully injected it into.

Results Will Improve Over Time

As we mentioned earlier, it could take up to 2 weeks for wrinkle relaxers (Botox or Dysport) to take full effect. Rather than being worried about this, why not view it as a fun game! Wonder what we’re talking about?

Each day, have a look in the mirror. Smile, frown, wrinkle your forehead and crease your brow. Pretend you’ve just heard the juiciest bit of gossip. How does your Botox site look? You’ll have fun noticing the changes for the next two weeks.

Your Muscle Movement Will Be Restricted

Once you get Botox, your muscle movement will be restricted. Rather than being a filler (which is what many people mistakenly think), Botox is actually a muscle-relaxer.

To gain back your youthful appearance, Botox will stop your muscles from moving when you frown or are surprised. Sure you’ll feel like you’re frowning, or creasing your brow like crazy, but those expressions will be reduced.

You’ll See Results for Between Three and Four Months

Once your first time Botox treatment is done, you’ll see that the results last between 3-4 months. During that time you’ll feel the full effects of your Botox, however around 2.5 months you’ll start to see the effects slowly wear off.

Whether it was for forehead wrinkles, crows feet or frown lines, for the next three and four months you can relax and bask in your new-found self-confidence. After this period, head back to your practitioner for another treatment. Staying on a schedule will help to maintain your youthful look.

You’ll Take 5-7 YEARS Off Your Face!

We believe that with wrinkle relaxers, we could very well take 5-7 years of aging off an aging face.

Rather than the fullness and plumpness of a youthful face, as we get older our faces begin to sag and wrinkle for many different reasons.

Using Botox can help to reverse these signs of aging, adding youth back to an aging face. If you’re experiencing these signs of aging, Botox can help turn back time, taking you back to a more youthful you.

How Do You Know that Botox is Wearing Off?

After 2.5-3, you’ll start to notice hints of your old adversaries but you won’t be at your full baseline. You might start to notice a little crease here, a frown line there. These are indications the protein is diminishing.

What to Do If You Want to Repeat the Procedure

The best recommendation it to be on a schedule. Our patients return every 3-4 months and since we are a busy practice, they schedule their next appointment before they leave the office. You’ll be surprised how fast 3-4 months go by.

You’ll Wonder About the Medical Uses for Botox

Botox can be viewed as a wonder-treatment; it works miracles on the face, but the medical field has also started to appreciate its miracles in medicine. In fact, there are many medical uses for Botox, and the list is only increasing.

Botox is now being used to treat several conditions that have stumped doctors and medical practitioners through the years. Migraines, overactive bladders, esophageal spasm, Bell’s palsy, and other muscle spasms can be corrected, reduced or stopped with Botox.

The effects of this treatment aren’t just aesthetic. It’s begun to change lives and can give people the freedom and confidence they’ve been missing.

What to Expect From a First Time Botox

The results of Botox can seem nothing short of miraculous. Millions of people have used it, not just for its anti-aging effects, but also to correct stubborn muscular spasms. Patients gain a priceless sense of freedom and self-esteem.

The effects of a Botox procedure will vary from person to person, and your first time Botox treatment will likely make you nervous. Well, we’ve got your back – Botox isn’t scary, and in our professional hands, you’ll have nothing to fear.

If reading our article has helped calm your Botox jitters, then hooray for you – a younger, fresher-looking appearance is in your grasp.

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