What Is Cooltone and How Does It Work?

What Is Cooltone and How Does It Work?

There are over 10 noninvasive body-sculpting treatments performed for every one liposuction treatment. Instead of going under the knife, more people are choosing treatment options like CoolSculpting to freeze fat and CoolTone to build muscle.

Without treatments like CoolTone by CoolSculpting, it can take months of time at the gym to tone muscle. There’s no guarantee you’ll achieve the body goals of your dreams, either! Now, more people are turning to treatments like CoolTone to make a change.

Want to discover a new you? Keep reading to learn more about CoolTone and how it can help.

What Is CoolTone?

Unlike CoolSculpting, CoolTone doesn’t actually freeze fat cells away. Instead, the purpose of a CoolTone treatment is to tone and strengthen muscle. The treatment is FDA-approved and noninvasive, allowing you to return to your normal life right afterwards without any downtime.

The CoolTone device is manufactured by Allergan; the same manufacturer that introduced CoolSculpting and Botox to the industry.

The device includes a small computer screen that allows the technician to monitor the procedure. Attached to the device is a paddle. The technician will place the paddle on the desired treatment area to help you achieve a more toned appearance and increased muscle definition.

CoolTone is most commonly used to treat the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Today, CoolTone treatments are completed in the safety and privacy of medical spas and plastic surgery offices throughout the world.

How Does It Work?

Exactly how does CoolTone work? First, the device uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). The electromagnetic energy will pass into your muscles where it will stimulate contractions. The involuntary contractions feel like light muscle spasms.

Don’t worry; it isn’t painful. In fact, you’ll experience little to no discomfort during your treatment or in the days afterward.

These spasms allow the device to create a stronger, toned body physique.

In fact, CoolTone treatments can create better muscle definition than what you could achieve from exercise. CoolTone can target specific areas of the body, allowing for a more defined aesthetic.

CoolTone has 50% more magnetic intensity than leading competitors. As a result, the device is able to stimulate results faster than you would notice after working out at the gym. It can take around four to six weeks for you to recognize results.

Some patients even see some results after their first treatment! Most treatments take around 30 minutes.

Over time, your muscles will become firmer and stronger, even after your initial treatment.

Make sure to speak with your technician about your long-term body goals. They’ll help you determine how many CoolTone sessions you’ll need. The minimum recommendation is about four sessions.

However, you might need as many as 12 sessions to achieve your body goals.

Remember, CoolTone is ideal for the abdomen, buttock area, and thighs. A monthly maintenance is recommended in order to maintain the tighter, firmer, more toned appearance of the muscles.

CoolTone vs. CoolSculpting

Though CoolTone and CoolSculpting were made by the same manufacturer, the two treatments are a little different. Both are FDA-approved medical devices. CoolSculpting, however, is better known for its ability to reduce fat in problem areas.

CoolSculpting works by using extremely cold temperatures to freeze and ultimately kill 25% of the stubborn fat cells in the treated area. In time, your body will naturally remove the fat cells, helping you achieve a thinner appearance.

CoolTone, on the other hand, is designed to stimulate, strengthen, and tone muscles.

Many people choose CoolTone treatments to complement their CoolSculpting fat reduction treatments. You can even schedule your treatments on the same day to improve the results!

By combining the two treatments, you can achieve the body weight, musculature, and shape you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll feel stronger than before, too!

Ideal Candidates

There are a few factors that can make you an ideal candidate for the CoolTone treatment. For starters, most ideal candidates lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. You’re also considered an ideal candidate if you have a BMI under 30. The reason being that the machine stimulates 7 cm below the skin. So if you have more than an inch of fat to pinch, the machine will not be able to stimulate your muscles. Not to worry though, our technician will ensure that you are a good candidate prior to your treatment.

It’s important to note that CoolTone isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Instead, you should use it as a supplement to your current lifestyle routine.

Some candidates turn to CoolTone to avoid losing muscle while they’re recovering from a trauma or surgery. The CoolTone treatment can help keep their muscles active. Others choose CoolTone in conjunction with their gym regimen, as it helps you feel stronger and achieve your desired results in the gym.

If you’re considering CoolTone, try scheduling your sessions before vacation, wedding, or another life event.

The Cost

The cost for your CoolTone procedure can depend on a few things like where you live, the number of areas you’re treating and the number of sessions you need.

You can speak with a member of our team regarding CoolTone by CoolSculpting for a complimentary consultation. They can provide you with an estimate before your first session.

Side Effects

There’s no preparation necessary before your first treatment. However, you might need to remove any body piercings from the treatment areas. Women who are menstruating during their appointment are usually advised to wait until their menstruation has finished before treatment. It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

As with any procedure, there are a few side effects you should consider. These can include tenderness, redness, and minor swelling. However, these side effects should cease a day or two after your treatment. Otherwise, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the CoolTone treatment.

Before your first treatment, make sure to let your technician know if you have any implantable devices, including:

  • Ear implants
  • Neurostimulators
  • Drug pumps
  • Cardiac implants

You should also inform your technician if you’ve had recent surgery around the treatment area. Let them know if you have a scar, visible hernia, tumor, or open sore, too.

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