All the Reasons You Need to Visit a Medical Spa in 2019

All the Reasons You Need to Visit a Medical Spa in 2019

Do you want to feel your best while enjoying the benefits of nonsurgical beauty treatments? Here are all the reasons you need to visit a medical spa in 2019.

Since 2000, the number of people undergoing non-invasive cosmetic surgeries increased by 228%!

And last year alone surgeons performed over 15 million surgeries. That’s not even including the number of people who had full surgical procedures.

So if you’re ready to enjoy some non-surgical beauty treatments you’re in good company! And if you are then why not check out a medical spa?

Here you can undergo top quality beauty treatments in a relaxing spa environment. Want to know more?

Then read on to find out everything you need to know about medical spas, and why you should visit one this year!

What Is a Medical Spa?

Medical spas have a similar feel as a regular spa experience. They let you lie back and relax in a calming environment. There are currently over 4,000 operating in the US alone.

However, at a medispa, you can receive treatments that aren’t available at a regular spa. This is because at a medispa, medical practitioners offer elective medical treatments. These treatments require medical training and experience.

The focus of these treatments is on your confidence and cosmetic happiness.

Professionals at a medispa clinic will be able to discuss with you exactly what it is you want to achieve. Then they can put together a personalized treatment plan based on this. This plan will target the underlying issues that you’re looking to improve.

Who Performs the Treatments?

Who performs your treatments depends on what you’re having done. But everyone is a licensed provider with medical experience.

Physician, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Estheticians and Laser Technicians are providers that should be performing these elective procedures at your medical spa.

What’s On Offer?

Medispas often offer injectable treatments, such as fillers and wrinkle relaxers. Other treatments also include laser treatments and chemical peels. All of these focus on rejuvenation and restoration of your skin’s appearance.

Body sculpting services, like TruSculpt ID, are also very popular at medical spas. Find out more about TruSculpt here.

Another example of a treatment that you can get at a medispa is laser hair removal, which provides long-lasting hair removal. It works by targeting your hair follicles with a concentrated beam of light. This damages the hair follicle and prevents future growth.

Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal can last for months and even years. This varies depending on the individual. It is so effective that in 2015, the number of people seeking laser hair removal increased by 37%.

Only licensed and trained medical professionals can perform laser hair removal using laser technology. So if you want it done, a medi spa is the best place to come!

You Know You’re In the Best Hands

To perform treatments at a medical spa, you need professional medical training. This means when you go, it’ll be the best in the business looking after you.

Medispas have Medical directors which are physicians. Most physicians have a background in dermatology or plastic surgery. This is great because these areas overlap with the treatments on offer.

Your Skin Will Thank You For It

Many of the treatments available at a medical spa deliver top-class skin care. This boosts your skin’s vitality and targets the effects of aging.

At a medical spa, you have more treatment options thanks to the medical professionals who work there. They can deliver the best treatments with the best equipment in the industry.

For example, new Tribella technology is available to make your skin look and feel younger. This works in three ways to help rejuvenate your skin.

The Photofacial technology targets sun damage and creates a more even skin tone. It reduces dark pigmented spots and visible blood vessels.

Meanwhile, the skin resurfacing action boosts the production of collagen and elastin. This makes your skin look refreshed and renewed.

And finally, collagen is stimulated at an even deeper level in the tissue to tighten skin. All 3 components are delivered in one treatment with little to no downtime. This advanced technology is a wonderful comprehensive approach to anti-aging.

Because it requires a medical professional to perform this treatment, it is most likely you will only find this type of treatment in a medical spa.

It Can Help Your Waistline

We’ve all reached that moment in a diet, haven’t we? It’s the moment when we’ve been working away at our goals and are left with those problem areas that just won’t budge.

It can be frustrating for anyone who’s put time and effort into weight loss. But a medical spa clinic might be able to help you overcome it!

At medispas you can discuss your weight loss with medical professionals. They will be able to put together a weight loss plan to help you achieve your goals in an effective and healthy way. This may include a diet and exercise regime or it may involve using advanced body sculpting treatments, like TruSculp iD.

TruSculp iD uses Radio Frequency heat to destroy stubborn fat cells which then are eliminated from your body naturally. This means you can target particular areas. You can get rid of your fat and create definition and toning where you want it most. Best of all, it takes 15 min, no downtime and results are permanent.

Again, medical professionals can advise on where best to target to achieve your goals. And then they’ll deliver it expertly.

It Will Boost Your Confidence

Feeling more comfortable in your own skin is sure to boost your confidence! That’s why cosmetic procedures lead to higher self-esteem and a better mood and why they are so popular.

And at a medispa, this works in two ways! Your treatments will target the areas that you want to work on. This means you can leave feeling more confident and comfortable.

But the environment itself also encourages feelings of well-being and happiness. So a medispa clinic also allows you to take some time out for yourself.

Relaxing in a soothing environment benefits all areas of your life. It relieves your stress. And it will also boost your energy and strengthen your relationships.

So you can leave a medispa feeling totally refreshed and confident in the treatment you’ve received!

It’s a Great Alternative to Traditional Cosmetic Surgery

In 2017, plastic surgeons performed 15.7 million non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. And most of these treatments are now available at medispas. Medical spas are truly an alternative to visiting a plastic surgeon.

For example as an alternative to liposuction surgery, TruSculpt ID technology is a great way to target problem areas if you’re trying to lose weight. Unlike other fat-reduction procedures, you can walk out of the spa on the same day. In fact, one TruSculpt session can take as little as 15 minutes.

And all of this takes place in a calm, soothing environment. Wouldn’t you rather get your Botox done in the peace and quiet of a spa, rather than in a stark clinicians room?

The Bottom Line

If you want a relaxing spa experience with long-lasting benefits, a medical spa is the place for you.

You can benefit from top quality treatments from medical professionals. And all the while you’ll get to enjoy a soothing environment that will leave you refreshed.

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